Day 3

Just when I think I’m starting to figure this diet stuff out, Johnny Lawrence sweeps my legs with some perspective.  I listened to Nora Gedgaudas talk on the Latest in Paleo podcast, and it was a good reminder that I need to always keep an open mind, listen, and adapt.  I strongly recommend the Latest in Paleo podcast because Angelo covers such a broad range of topics with insight from many sources “outside the bubble.”  I made up a quote in school:  “It’s a learning process as long as I’m willing to be corrected.”  Yeah, I’ll take credit for that.

Another learning opportunity came from reading Whole 9’s poster at the Ancestral Health Symposium.  Paleo can get “cute” sometimes with the almond flour and dried fruits… reminders like this can help keep me in check.

I spend about 90 minutes a day in the car, so podcasts are lifesavers.  If you’re interested, I also listen to Crossfit Radio, The Paleo Solution, The Adam Carolla Show, and Ace on the House.  Those last two are both hosted by Adam Carolla and have nothing to do with paleo, but they’re entertaining.

I also feed a lot of blogs to my phone and check them throughout the day during small breaks.  My two new favorites are Broke Ass Gourmet and Cheeseslave. Gabi on Broke Ass Gourmet just posted a kale-andouille “pizza” with a cauliflower crust that you can bet I will be making very soon.  From reading her recent posts, it looks like she’s slowly moving away from grains just recently, and her recipes are just killer looking.  Ann Marie on Cheeseslave, while not strictly Paleo, is inspirational in her approach to food.  After reading this post about eggs, I’m convinced I need to get to the farmer’s market more.  Details to come later.

Another thought:

Eat outside more.

Finally, I constructed a Paleo-friendly dessert last night that needs some tweaking, but holds some promise.  I combined about 1/2 cup of coconut milk, with diced mango and kiwi, then sprinkled on some pecans.  Finally I topped it with a cacao nib and fennel “crunch”.  Cacao nibs are the raw beans that chocolate is made from, so the only sugar comes from the fruit.  The coconut milk is like a custard, but sets better when colder.  This is where I think I can improve.  The fennel seed complimented the subtle chocolate flavor of the cacao very well.  I pulsed the seeds in my spice ginder (blade coffee grinder) to break into the sprinkles.  Very satisfying, but as with any dessert, keep the portion small.

My made up dessert ingredients

My cacao nib and fennel sprinkle crunch topping, with coconut milk at the ready.

Tastes better than it looks... Yeah, I need to work on my photography skills.


  1. Deb said

    I enjoy reading your posts – even as I sit here eatting my chocolate covered raisins. Seems like a lot of work to eat like you do but I know it’s worth it. cute picture of Kerry eatting outside!!

    • petersonpaleo said

      Thanks Debbie! It has been such a gradual shift that it doesn’t seem like that much extra work now. There are a lot of ways to save time, just like anything else. And it is enjoyable, so it doesn’t seen like a chore.

  2. Dayna said

    This chocolate dessert that you made encouraged me to try to find some paleo dessert recipes for myself. If dessert can be considered a real part of the diet – that is up for debate – but… I have a couple of things I want to try now thanks to this post.

    This helps me feel better about myself when I feed other people too. We have a church group that gets together on Thursday nights to go over Sunday’s sermon and talk about it. There is always food. This week Mike and I are making the dinner and we decided to do taco salad (with a choice of tortilla chips if someone needs ’em) and baked apples with cinnamon for dessert. (Yeah yeah, I just read your day 6 post and saw that you are not ready for autumn (and neither am I…) but it is a paleo dessert that I think everyone can enjoy without being weirded out by our “food experiments” that Mike and I have become so accustomed to!)

    Anyway. Keep up the good work with your diet and posts. I plan to read em when I can to see how you are doing and what other ideas I can steal from you!

    • petersonpaleo said

      Thanks for reading Dayna! Right after I posted this, Mark’s Daily Apple posted these incredible looking desserts.
      So I’m going to give those a shot the next time I need something sweet. With dark chocolate, I tend to use around 85%, so there will be some very small amounts of sugar and dairy in that one.

      • Dayna said

        Not sure if you saw on my facebook, but part of this shopping expedition today was to get some dark chocolate. I bought 100% cocoa baking chocolate. I pretty much like that well enough that if that was all I could eat ever for chocolate, I would be OK. but yes, 85% stuff is what I think I would normally want for a dessert if I didn’t feel guilty about it. 🙂

        Chocolate is my downfall. I have hot cocoa at least once a day in the winter, and about once every other day in the summer even. I got thinking about that (about how my swiss miss hot cocoa needs to eventually leave my diet plan) and right now I am sipping on a mix of 100% cocoa powder, coconut milk, and some water – a makeshift hot cocoa drink without sugar. It isn’t quite the same, but I think if I drink this a few more times and get the proportions right it will be just fine.

        Anyway, thanks for blogging. you are only on day 6 and you are already helping me get onto a better track!

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